Pesca Deportiva 4 Días 3 Noches

Pesca Deportiva 4 Días  3 Noches
Programa Especializado
Sport (Catch & Release) Fishing
4 Días  3 Noches
3 noches en  Heliconia Amazon River Lodge
El río Amazonas y sus afluentes es el hogar de cerca de 3.000 especies de peces de agua dulce, casi un tercio de todas las especies de peces de agua dulce en todo el mundo. Esta extraordinaria biodiversidad ha creado también la pesca deportiva de agua dulce más rico del Mundo.  Heliconia Lodge también  le ofrece algo más que la pesca deportiva; se trata también de la conexión con la naturaleza y las comunidad  locales, apoyando a sus recursos de subsistencia,  mantenimiento  los bienes culturales y naturales. La pesca  sostenible está asegurada, mientras disfruta de las actividades de pesca de  bajo impacto. Descubra. Aprenda. Ayude a conservar y proteger estas ricas  áreas protegidas.
Nota importante: la captura y liberación es una práctica dentro de la pesca recreativa destinada como una técnica de conservación. Después de la captura, los peces son desenganchadas  y regresadas al agua antes de experimentar el agotamiento o lesiones  graves.
La temporada de pesca recomendada:  La Estación de Seca o vaciante  de Julio a Noviembre Equipo de pesca renta disponible
Épocas de Crecientes y Vaciantes del Río Amazonas
Tener en cuenta que el itinerario sufre variaciones durante la temporada de Vaciante del Río Amazonas que afecta la navegación y por ende la realización de algunas actividades. 
Temporada de Creciente : Marzo – Mayo
Temporada de Vaciante : Agosto – Octubre
Temporada de Transición: Noviembre – Febrero
Check in y Check out en Heliconia Lodge.
Check in: 13:00 pm | Check out: 12:00 pm


  • Día 1: Iquitos/ Heliconia Amazon River Lodge (L, D)

    Welcome to Iquitos! Upon your arrival at Iquitos International Airport, you will be greeted by our staff and taken to our Heliconia office for and proceed to the docks to take a boat. En route, a short stopover in Monkey Island, a family social enterprise focused on conserving and protecting endangered monkey species in the Northern Amazon. The goal is to enlighten rainforest guests on the effort to reintegrate monkeys and their survival in the wild. See the monkeys free in this reserve, not in cages, their temporary stay here depends on their capability to adapt back to its jungle habitat. After a 90 minute boat ride arrive at the Lodge where our staff will welcome you with an exotic jungle drink. Next check-in and settling in your room, at your leisure, taste your first Amazonia cuisine lunch.

    In the afternoon, begin your first excursion: set out to a jungle hike into the Yanamono primary rainforest reserve, for approximately two hours accompanied by our expert guides. They will show you  identify several flora species such as heliconia flowers, medicinal plants and giant trees. You will also have the chance to sight several birds species such as the Turkey Vulture (Cathartes Aura), Black Fronted Nanbird (Monasa-Atia), and with a little luck you will be able to view a family of small monkeys such as marmosets (Saguinus fusicollis), the  Titi (Callicebus Mollock Mollock) and the Squirrel monkey (Saimiri Boliviense).

    Return to the lodge for rest and relaxation and be enthralled by your first, must-not-miss Amazon Sunset. As the evening comes around, during high tide, take a boat ride along one of the Amazon River’s tributaries for an exciting evening in the jungle, with no lights, perhaps just some jungle flora and fauna sparkling in the dark. You will have to trust your expert boat guide to take you where you can appreciate and listen to the magical sounds of the jungle.  If it is a clear night, you will see the bright magnificent moonlight, as well as observe the stars and constellations. With some luck you can also see some falling stars which are quite common in the area. Shortly, go back to the Lodge to rest and relax for an early wake up the next day.
  • Day 2: Fishing at Atun Caño / Heliconia Amazon River Lodge (B, L, D)

    You will wake up very early in the morning and after your energizing breakfast, get ready to take the boat downriver to the community of Santa Rosa on the banks of Atun Caño Reserve.   Catch the magnificent sunrise at   the lake, while your native guide will first offer a prayer to the jungle gods while smoking a black cigar. The Amazon River folks have a belief that each lake of the jungle has its god that takes care of them, protects the fishermen and helps them catch a bountiful of fish. In the oxbow lake, enjoy the first sounds of nature as the sun rises, then start to catch some fish, perhaps, the powerful and awesome Largemouth peacock bass (cichla monoculus), a real fighter and a challenge for sportfishing fans. Locally known as Tucunare this fish has beautiful colors all over its body, three black stripes and a big dot similar to its eye found towards its tail. Aside from the Dragon fish (Arowana) another similar amazing game fish is the Paiche (Arapaima Gigas) though this fish cannot be caught with a game fishing bait. However, you can try to hook a Smallmouth bass, the famous Red-bellied piranha (Serraselmus nattereri) and other game fish species. At the same time, enjoy the enchanting scenery within the tranquil lake, the sounds of the animals and bird calls which are amplified in the peace and quiet of the area.  Return to our jungle hut located in Santa Rosa where our cook is waiting for us for a nourishing lunch, served with refreshing cold distilled drinking water, soft drinks/sodas. 
    In the afternoon, enjoy some more fishing at the lake and before it gets dark, go back to Heliconia Amazon River Lodge.  Once at the lodge, you may rest and relax or enjoy a sunset cocktail at the bar (on your personal account). Dinner starts at 7:30 p.m. and a restful overnight at the Lodge
  • Day 3: Fishing at Atun Caño / Heliconia Amazon River Lodge (B, L, D)

    Enjoy an energizing early morning breakfast, get ready to take the boat downriver to the community of Santa Rosa and then set off to the lake once again, for another delightful day of fishing.  Take note that you will have chances to catch a 16 to 18 pounder (or more) Peacock bass on this lake. As a game fishing enthusiast you will realize that every cast brings you hope and excitement that you will be able to catch one big fish, even though the ones that usually get hooked average only 4 to 8 pounds. At noon time, return to the base hut where you will relish a nutritious lunch and afterward, get ready to depart by boat arriving late afternoon at Heliconia Amazon River Lodge. Once at the lodge, you may rest and relax or enjoy a sunset cocktail at the bar (on your personal account). Dinner starts at 7:30 p.m. and a restful overnight at the Lodge
  • Day 4: Fishing at Isana Lake (B, L)

    Wake up early and take a full breakfast, get ready to take the boat downriver to the community of Santa Rosa and then set off to  Isana Lake for another pleasant day to catch some more fish. You may choose to fish the traditional way, with a stick made from a plant bark, line, hook and bait. This way you will learn how to catch  lots of piranha in a couple of hours. Otherwise you may opt to cast and catch sport-style, so you can enjoy fishing as you wish. Afterwards, return to the base hut and get ready to depart for Heliconia Lodge for a lunch.  At a proper time depending on your itinerary or onward trip schedule, transfer to Iquitos city and/or to the airport or hotel.


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